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We are truly happy when our customers are satisfied and the gifts we provide bring joy and happiness to families and relationships. However, we all are humans and there might occur situations where you might be willing to either amend or cancel your order.

Order Cancellation & Refunds

You have the rights to cancel your order within 30 days after placing the order on the basis of reasonable grounds.

Reasonable grounds include

  • Gift received is damaged or not as described
  • Gift not received at all
  • Gift is delayed for more than 10 business days

After the cancellation of your order, you have the rights to demand a refund or a re-shipment of a gift with a fixed issue.

You have no grounds to receive a refund before the order has been accepted as cancelled on reasonable grounds.

All refunds are to be paid out within 7 business days after the order has been approved as cancelled.


In case you have any questions regarding orders, shipping, payments and refunds - contact us via email