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Custom star map

from the most beautiful moments of your life

Create a custom star map

The moment your heart skipped a beat

Create a star map

Your moment - your sky map

Fast and easy creation

It's very simple and fast to create the star map gift of the moment your heart skipped a beat.

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Flexible design

Customize the design of your personalized star map as you like. With the milky way shown or not, black or blue - it's all up to you!

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The most personalized gift

Your sky chart includes a location and time of your special moment. Personalize it even more to make it more meaningful.

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Highest quality gift - delivered insanely fast

Top quality gift

Star map is a very special gift and therefore we work hard to ensure you receive the top quality product.

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Emotional touch

All star maps are customized for special occasions and receivers are always happy about their gifts. Spread the love and create a star map.

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Fast worldwide delivery for FREE

That's right - all our gifts are shipped free of charge, worldwide! Receive your digital Star Map within 5 minutes

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