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We are a team of professionals who are passionate about astronomy and specialized in engineering. We combine science and graphical design with warm emotions to create our Star Map posters. Thus, our Star Maps are accurate prints of the night sky, that can be a perfect gift or personal addition to any room and will make for an excellent conversation piece!

Life is all about the meaningful moments. We are privileged to have a small part in capturing them, so that you can cherish these memories forever!

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The Product

The gift pack is mostly the emotions connected with a certain event that happened in a specific location at a specific time. It can be your first date, first kiss or the moment when your daughter was born.

All gifts are personalized to remind you the breath-taking event and bring you the emotions from it. If you remember the event you get good feelings. Now imagine your life when you get these feelings every time you are in a room with the poster.

The stars on the poster are generated from the location and time the user specified during the personalization process. All stars displayed on the map are from high authority space missions.

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Registered company name: Star Register Ltd.
Telephone number: +1 (646) 9346841 (USA)