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How to make a star map?

What is a star map poster?

In the last few years custom made star maps is becoming a trend that is taking over the world. This art print is truly one of the most beautiful things to give as a gift to someone special.

But is this star poster thing legit, how can I know that I'm not buying scam poster with random data? How some service that has no governmental data can know everything about stars, where they were on some specific date? And the answer is simple, institutions and international space stations that are collecting this data are not hiding this information, it is available for anybody. Stars are always moving away from each other, but unfortunately, during our lifetime you will not see any difference. So with simple and at the same time complicated calculations, we can allocate where each of the stars was or will be on a specific date, month, minute or even a second from any place of the world you are looking from.

But be aware that some of the poster sellers on popular market places are just taking a random picture from stars. If you are looking for something that looks similar to what is selling, but you don't care about legitimate you can, of course, take those.

 Stars in Night


Create a Star Map poster online

To create the night sky poster you first need to visit Once you open the page it will require you to enter data:

  1. Location - Online star map are using Google services to make sure that the coordinates from this location are as accurate as possible.
  2. Date - You will need to select a date, month, year - and you are even able to set a specific time in minutes. By changing the date, the system will adjust the sky map in the location where our planet was in the solar system to present as an accurate preview of stars as possible.
  3. A personal message - Once an accurate star map is generated you can make this poster more meaning full by adding a message.
  4. Design & Colors - Once all data is filled in you need to give the poster a final touch to make it look remarkable. By choosing different options in the generator tool, you can create one of its kind poster for a person that is meaningful for you.

Once your creation is finished, you can preview your masterpiece. You can see that poster preview is already in high quality with highlighted stars and constellations.

The night sky poster

How to allocate my stars in the poster?

Well, there are a lot of different ways how to allocate stars in the sky, but for this specific case, I will suggest you use a slightly different method and much easier for regular people that do not have telescopes worth thousands of dollars, and it's more meaningful.

But this method also has some downsides. You have to be in a specific place within a particular time. Take the person whom you are giving this excellent gift to the same place what you added as a location in your poster, or at least in range of 500km around it, at the timespan of 4 weeks from the date you added in the poster. But how if the year is in the past? - Exactly! -You will not see the same stars but, it will be very close to those that you see in the poster like 99.99%, because difference over the years is tiny, and every fourth year it is moving a back how it was. It is the same reason why we are having one day shorter February every fourth year.

Once you take your poster you will see that there are some bigger stars, those stars represent bright stars. You have to look for those patterns in the sky, and I'm sure that you will find a match. For this method, we strongly suggest finding a place where light pollution is very low, that will give you the possibility to see even small stars.

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