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Stars the night we met

What moments made you feel the most nostalgic? - Remember that special night when you first time...?

I bet everybody who read these first sentences had some special moment in mind, and for all of us, it is similar, but always unique. Indeed this moment is something that nobody can take away from you, but what if you take it away from yourself? I mean what if you forget about it? Time is going fast, and if there is nothing that reminds you about these special moments in your life, these memories will fade.

Our solar system is magical, sciences around the world for centuries are trying to come up with an explanation why we are here, and still, no sciences have approved the theory of how and why we are here but do we have to think about that? Just take a moment clear your had and look at the sky in the night, it's fantastic, these all small glowing dots. In every moment of our lives, stars are above us, even in the day time when we don't see them they are there: the birth of a child, the day you met your loved one, got married or got fired from the job you loved, they are there.

Online Star Map

How to remind special moments?

Online Star Map service provides a truly beautiful way how to remind your self or somebody you love about moments for your or their lives. You can create a sky map for any special occasions that you have in mind. In you just need to select stars by the date and location when and where you had this special moment and the night sky custom map will be created in a matter of seconds, to make it genuinely personal you can even add a personal message on this highest quality map print, such as "The sky the night we met".

This the night star map of certain date and location is something that will remind you every day of something beautiful that happened in your life.

Create your own star map!

You can simply buy a star map by visiting the night sky website on This custom star map will be printed on top quality matte paper and shipped to your doors with free shipping.

You can not compare this star map with dull "sky in the night" pictures, in this poster you can clearly see stars and constellations, solar system objects, grid lines, and constellation stars and milky way. This gift of the stars is one of a kind and gives 1000X more emotions than giving flowers or some useless gift.