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Star Map as a gift for Birthday

Everyone adores the night sky. There is something very magical, mysterious, and enigmatic about the night sky, stars and constellations that draws the people towards it. Stars change their position each night same as moon phases and may have a bearing over our lives and emotions as well.

Would it not be wonderful if we can capture some of the moments of our life such that they stay with us forever? Making art print of the times that are most precious in life lets one live the special moments time and again. It could be anything that means a lot to you, such as the day you met your spouse or got married, valentine days, or the day when your first child was born.

Under the lucky star

Exquisite star map posters that are made aesthetic to the degree that they sync in nicely with the décor scheme of your home make elegant décor solutions for the living room or bedroom. They can be placed just about anywhere. It is science combined with graphical designs that make these sky charts. They are different for each night and every location as well.

So all you need to do is let us know the date and the location, any part of the world for which you would like to have a poster of the night sky created from our solar system point of view. You have a choice at giving in a personalized message as well.

You have a lot to choose from for your star maps. The design is displayed in the way you prefer the most. It could be in a blue or black color scheme. You got a myriad of colors to choose from. We can customize the star maps for you in just about any way you like. 

The night sky

You may choose to have a circular sky map on a white background, with a sweet and thoughtful message typed in below. Similarly, you may want to keep the background of the portrait in the same shade as the shade of the star map’s background. Another very trendy choice that you have is not having a circular boundary for the star map at all. It would be a rectangular portrait that exhibits the star map. This looks classy when made in black.

The images of the stars are accurate and sync nicely with one’s emotions. With a poster of the star map, you are likely to experience the same emotions that you felt on the day which the skymap corresponds to. It may be something as simple as the night under stars you spent with your family on the latest camping holiday and watched the full moon. 

Online star map

Making a star map for a child’s birthday is a unique and one of a kind gifting idea that is sure to be adored by the baby’s parents and family. Such a portrait can be a thoughtful birthday gift and is something that must be tried out.

If there is any special occasion that you want to make timeless, making star posters for the same is an excellent idea to capture the true essence of the event. We ship orders worldwide, and we offer free shipping, and there is an option to send it over in same day over emails as star print out. Innovation now has an all-new definition!