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Why star constellation maps make the best corporate gifts

Décor scheme means a lot for the workplace. It makes the work environment more comfortable for employees and lucrative for timely, productive work. 

If there is a beautifully designed star map in each office room, it aligns the mindset towards work and helps the best of ideas to come to fore. A picture of night sky would have the alignment of stars at a time and place as chosen by you. You may think of some typical ideas for the same, such as alignment of stars over Houston, Texas when man landed on the moon, or the alignment of stars when American League beat Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field in MLB, on 9th July 2019.

Night sky poster

Online Star Map will come up with star constellations maps for employee gifting, VIP clients and company events. This upgrades an office’s look and brings value to the interior décor scheme.

Star images are easy to customise to mingle in nicely within an office environment and the interior décor scheme. One has a choice at choosing from any of the 12 different colours for the star map background. There are two basic layouts, along with some custom schemes as well. 

The pictures of the sky at night are exceedingly aesthetic and set a recipient apart. They are easy to customise and personalise as well. You have a choice at adding your company’s logo, when you gift the night sky pictures, to a long-standing business partner. This may be used to commemorate the date of the beginning of a lucrative business partnership or a joint venture. To create an exclusive luxury gift, you may choose to use some other classic gift items along with the night sky map. This alone suffices as well, for creating a premium corporate gift. There is room for a pleasant and personalised message below the star map gift, which you can make the best of as well.

The night sky pictures

If you order for more gifts of a similar kind, it comes at discounted rates. So star maps make a feasible gifting option for a team of delegates you’d be hosting for the next mega event in the city. They make excellent keepsakes for your employees as well. We ship your orders free of charge.

It is for a personal touch that our pictures in the night sky are much adored. At Online Star Map, we sell the best quality of customised star map posters. It is emotions that make each map. It is those emotions that we intend to transcend to each office and home. 

There are numerous ways in which a star map may be used as a corporate gift. It may be used for associates, employees, clients and corporate events. It may be used at a tool that brings joy at simple events, such as holidays, incentives and birthdays. You have a choice at using the gift at any time of the year. Star maps necessarily are one of the most personalised and creative gifting options you have at your disposal, and they make a memorable gift.