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The stories in our stars

Since the dawn of time, we have always looked up at the sky searching for supreme meaning. The ancient philosophers considered the sky charts as the source of the vast uncertainty. It was proof that life is something mysterious, yet very magical. Poets immortalized the beauty of the Solar system in their verses, filling up the hearts of all the romantics and the dreamers. And every single one of us has turned to the sky for guidance and inspiration, and for the moment of true clarity. Excitement about the Universe is the reason why behind every star and every constellation exist the most amazing stories: some might be mythological, while others are truly unique and personal.

Each one of us has created the sky map of our own, filled with meaningful moments. Perhaps most of us looking at the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) don't see some wicked greek myth about Zeus and one of his wife's. Maybe for someone, it reminds that crazy night after graduation when you and all your best friends decided to never part. And, thus, the night below the Big Dipper became the most perfect gift the Universe has ever granted them.

The night sky is full of romantic legends and passionate stories. There is a belief, that lovers who never meet on the Earth are always united in the sky. Even though it sounds hopeful, there are many people who were lucky enough to meet the love of their life and spend both eternities together. The moment, when these two hearts are united in a single "I do!" stars really align, wishing the greatest happiness.

There is no denying that we are all made out of star stuff, which means that most atoms in our body are similar to those in a real celestial body. This scientific fact proves but one thing - that every time a new life is born here on earth it is vigorously united with the Universe creating a bond that can't be broken.

Do you know what the most important fact about all the stories is? The birthday, wedding day, graduation, birth of a child, anniversary, first kiss... The sky never looked the same twice. So you might as well relish these moments and capture them into personalized Star Map. Therefore, when you give this night sky star map as a gift to someone, you are bringing back the feels of that magical moment. And we all know how fragile are some of these memories, sometimes they just slip out of our minds. Even if it happens just for a second, we somehow feel upset, like we have let ourselves down. But what if we could capture this moment into the custom Star Map print? Then with every glance at Star Map poster, you could see these wonderful emotions of that special night right in front of you again.

When you look up at the sky and not know what gift to get for someone, the answer is right in front of you. Give that special someone the whole Universe in one single moment!

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