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The classic color pallet for your custom star map

For a star map for your home or any living environment, customization adds to the essence of the night sky. One has a number of sizes for one’s selection. One also has a number of customized colors for night sky tonight from my location, along with some other customization options.

There is a classic design for a personalized star map which is very nice and preferred by a number of people. The sky map star constellations are in a colorful circle over a white background. The circle can be in a color of your choosing.

Different colors express different emotions. Each color can be associated with a different meaning. 

Star Map

As an example, if it is over a nice black circle that star sky map is designed; the color stands for sophistication and formality. The alternative is hence a preferred choice for corporate gifting. Black symbolizes magic and maturity. 

Dark blue is a soothing and peaceful color. It stands for trust and security. Blue is indicative of the truth, the Holy Spirit and heaven. Shades of blue sometimes represent the Virgin Mary.

If you adore the ocean, the deep sea may be the color that you may prefer for having your star map printed over. It is also the option to go for when you gift the star map to oceanologists, marine biologists and scuba divers. 

You may have your custom star map made in cherry red. Red is the official church color that represents the church itself. It is a color that represents humanity. In western culture, cherry red is symbolic of love, passion, and energy. Similarly in Asia, red is the color of happiness, celebration, prosperity, joy, and good luck. 

Star Map

Aqua green is one of the coolest options for the star map background circle. The shade is reminiscent of Harry Potter movies. Green is associated with evergreens that do not lose foliage. It is the color of restoration, eternal life, and new beginnings. Green is also a color that represents luck, nature, and freshness. Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle for its lush landscapes. In Mexico, green is the national color of independence.

If you go for custom maps in a gray circle, it will promote a neutral, cool and a balanced look. Gray is essentially a very formal and conservative color. It signifies sophistication, timelessness and looks classic.

Purple is a nice choice for sky map star constellations. It is the shade of royalty, and also represents nobility and spirituality. In the United States, purple is the color of honor. It is the shade that used to be the color of Aaron’s priestly garments. Purple represents the Lent and Advent seasons of the church year.

Star map

You can adjust your Star Map to your interior, so it fits perfectly. And behind the color of your Star Map will always be the wonderful moment that changed your life forever. 

There are numerous ways in which the star map can mingle in perfectly with a home’s décor scheme. You may go for a green star map for a wooden finishing over the walls, or the cherry red star map if you have a red single-seater sofa at your place.