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The best gift for siblings this Siblings Day

Siblings Day is celebrated on April 10th each year. It is on this day that Siblings express their appreciation for one another. It is a day much similar to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and is designated to express how much your family means to you.

It was in the United States that the idea of celebrating Siblings Day was conceived. It is nevertheless not federally recognized in the US. While the event is celebrated the most in the US, parts of Europe are now beginning to celebrate the event. UK, Australia and India are the countries where the celebrations have spread to.

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The underlying theme of Siblings Day lies within our families. People often debate over which sibling is the most favoured. A few of researches too have been conducted based upon the order of birth of the siblings. This always leads to the contention of sorts.

A study recently stated that the youngest child is always the parents’ favourite. Similarly, it has been found that younger siblings often keep comparing themselves with older siblings.

A child’s order of birth in the family, how old the parents were when he was born, how many older siblings he has and how much older are they to him defines his career path. Eldest kids in the family are more likely to become scientists or engineers. Middle children tend to become company CEOs. Youngest children are more inclined towards becoming classical musicians.

Let us now look at some celebrity siblings.

Venus and Serena Williams are tennis powerhouses. While Venus has won 49 singles titles in her career while Serena has won 72. The two sisters are known to be personally very close and attached to each other. When playing as a doubles team, the two have won 22 titles in total which include 14 doubles titles. They have also won 3 Olympic gold medals.

The two have played against each other 29 times. The score stands 17-12 in favour of Serena, 10-5 of which is grand slams. Serena is the younger of two sisters. She once tweeted for the fans, before a match, that you can cheer for me or Venus. Either way would do.

The two sisters were born within a gap of fewer than two years. They’ve grown up playing and competing against each other. They first played each other in the Australian Open round two, in 1998. This goes to show that sibling rivalry is healthy, and there’s a lot to learn from it.

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