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Thanksgiving gift to remember forever

Thanksgiving is a cherished holiday, after Christmas. It is an occasion when we join the loved ones for a feast, and happens just once a year.

Thanks giving gift

Thanksgiving meals have been the same for the past 200 years in America. People roast a Turkey with stuffing. Along with that, they have cranberry sauce and potatoes. One or more kinds of pies are always there. Some are very fond of the pumpkin pie.


On Thanksgiving, over 88% of American households serve Turkey, over 50 million in numbers. These are strong traditions because, for an average American, it is more than just an everyday meal that the Thanksgiving dinner stands for. It is a symbol of prosperity.

It is all a part of Sociology, as present-day researchers put it. It involves preparing, serving and consuming significant amounts of sweet food. The underlying essence in the present day context is about enduring abundance. However, there is more to it, as expressed by timeless novels, cinema and popular culture. It has a lot to do with sharing and community. That is where the spirit of Thanksgiving lies. 

More than the meal, it is gathering all together for a meal, which is essential. For some people, gathering together would deliver the same amount of joy, even if there was an alternative to turkey served for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving is celebrated at all places in the world. There are ways to make sure that you do not get an excess of a particular food item on Thanksgiving. If many people are getting together to cook a meal, it is best to ask them what they are going to cook. It helps avoid a scenario wherein ten people cook mashed potatoes.

If pumpkin pie and turkey are not available, it is fine to go ahead with some other dishes for Thanksgiving. One has to take care, because, in places like Italy, it may be challenging to find cranberries. Fresh cranberries do not grow in Italy. So, one can use red currants to make a sauce. 

The night sky posters

Giving away gifts too loved ones is also the essence of thanksgiving. A map of stars on a certain date and location would be a perfect gift for siblings. They are wondering how to make sky or an image of the same? The experts do it right and send you photos of stars in the night sky. Pictures of night sky can delight all recipients, be it your family or loved ones. Constellation night sky is reminiscent of all that Thanksgiving stands for, and star picture captures the essence of Thanksgiving nicely. It may be among the best Thanksgiving gifts that one gives or receives.

There are some ways to make the best of Thanksgiving dinner. One can choose a theme for the party, and everyone can dress up accordingly. The theme would be cohesive with party games, menu items and the decorations as well.

The theme could be anything that captures your fancy. For a rustic gathering, you may choose to have dinner outdoors, wear khakis and off white, something in the colours of foliage, browns and so on. A dining table made from natural wood may be an excellent idea. Pinecones and birchwood promote a natural feeling for the party. Decorations may include creamy florals, nicely placed fall leaves and lots of greenery.