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Easter is celebrated in different ways around the world. Australian kids get all excited about the Easter Eggs hunt. They participate in the Easter bonnet parades which are hosted by their schools. 

Another reason why kids in Australia are always excited about the Easter holidays is that it is the first holidays following Christmas. In Australia, winters begin following Easter. Kids try and make the best of the warmer days, just before the winters arrive.

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In Hungary, a prevalent tradition for Easter Day is sprinkling. Boys sprinkle cologne, perfume or water over a young woman’s head. As the tradition says, water has a healing, cleaning and a fertility inducing effect.

In France, they make a considerable Omelet using 4,500 eggs, in the town of Haux on Easter Monday. This feeds 1,000 people and is served in the town’s main square. The legend goes, that Napoleon and his army were travelling through Southern France. They came across a small town, where they stopped and had omelettes.

Napolean liked his omelettes so much that he told the townsfolk to get all their eggs and prepare a huge omelette for his army.

Easter, in Sweden, is very similar to Halloween. Little kids dress up as Easter witches. They wear long skirts and colourful scarves, with their cheeks, painted red. They go from home to home and trade their paintings, hoping to receive sweets in compensation.

In Corfu, Greece, people celebrate Easter with a tradition known as Pot Throwing. People throw pots, pans, and earthenware right through their windows, and smash them over the streets.

A few of the people believe that it is the coming of spring that throwing earthenware symbolises. Others believe that the tradition has been derived from Venetians, who once used to throw out all their old items.

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In the Chez Republic, men spank women with handmade whips on Easter. The whips are made from willow and decorated with ribbons. 

The legend says that willow is the very first tree that blooms in the spring. With the branches, vitality and fertility are transferred to women. Spanking is meant to be playful, does not cause much pain.

In Bermuda, they fly homemade kites and eat codfish cakes and hot cross buns on Easter. Similarly, in Bulgaria, people do not hide their eggs. They instead have egg fights. Whosoever has his egg unbroken when the game is through is the winner. 

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