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Star Map as a gift for Engagement

When a couple is engaged to be married it is a magical moment in every sense. Engagements are associated with glitz, glory, and celebration, and the aura of the occasion is matched up only by weddings.

Have you recently been considering the ideal gift that you must give for your best friend’s engagement? Star maps are a great gift for engagement. You can recreate the time of the proposal when all universal laws intertwined and a couple became a true family. This makes the gift personal, unique, and thoughtful.

Star Map

Stars map have an element of magic associated with them. The time of engagement is magical as well. It is a time wherein the couple is planning their life together. They have a number of anticipations about how their life is going to be. The element of mystery is strong, while the couple cherishes the beautiful phase in between their engagement and wedding.

Star constellation pictures essentially have a divine connection and make one feel like the one with the universe. It is for this reason that star constellations pictures come across as an exquisite gift for an occasion as beautiful as an engagement. While such a gift as received from common friends makes one feel ecstatic, their value is high when someone from their own family or their spouse’s family gives them the pictures of stars in the sky

In all likelihood, it is your entire family that will be attending the engagement ceremony. So such star presents come by as the best when presented on behalf of the entire family. Such gifts work best for siblings as well, or for a beloved uncle who is about to get married in the near future.

The night sky

The night of the stars is an unforgettable sight. With a poster of stars in the night sky, the expression of the feeling of joy and celebration are sure to sore higher. It is essentially a gift which has a significant bit of class and elegance associated with it. 

Star maps are most often created over the best quality plain white paper. One also has a choice at keeping the paper black. 

Over white paper, you’d come across a circle which has an image of the night sky. The entire cosmos lies right there. This is essentially an image of the night sky, as it would prevail on the night when a couple is engaged to be married. It is not just a delightful sight but has a significant value associated with.

When a couple sees the image time and again, before their marriage, post their marriage, maybe after they have kids, they would be delighted to see the image each time over.

It would remind them of the things just as they were when they were engaged to be married. The night sky would give them an opportunity to recall the things that happen, right from the time they were engaged to be married. It may create an interesting perspective from time to time.

Star Map Wall art

A fine idea in this regard would be to gift a couple of star maps for their engagement and then a star map for their wedding. Color schemes may vary; one has a choice at it. Below it, there would be a date and venue details, along with a message, which would include a couple’s names and whether they got engaged or married. The charisma radiated by the two star maps would be priceless. They may be placed at locations that correspond to each other in some way, such as opposite each other in a room in the living space.