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Personalized Star Map for Mom

Have you been planning a gift for your mom for her birthday? Choosing a random gift for Mother’s Day? At times, a thoughtful note would suffice. Otherwise, flowers and chocolates might make an excellent choice. Cards and jewelry are other fine alternatives you could go for. You may make a decorative craft piece all by yourself. You may even have a family photograph framed as a gift.

Star map

The choices are essentially endless, but a night sky poster of your mother’s birth date may turn out to be a gift like nothing else. Some factors make a custom star map a gift as exquisite as anything else. A star map gift is unique and is sure to delight the receiver, in particular, if you are fond of the night sky.

Mother’s Day and your mom’s birthday essentially are occasions wherein you get a chance to recreate some of the warmest memories you have with your mom. With the night sky that was above one the very same moment, one gets to make those memories last forever. This is a gift that will let your mom reminisce about a special moment whenever she looks at this beautiful map of the stars in the night sky.

Star map

There are a number of special moments that you could memorialize for your mother: The day her child was born. Maybe it's also your birthday / the day of birth of each child side by side in two-star maps / her wedding day. Night sky by date and location print can be created for any occasions.

This time over, you could gift a night sky map of your parent’s wedding day as an anniversary gift, along with the best photograph of the couple. You could gift a friend a photo of the night sky, reworked with the photo of the young baby on the baby’s birthday. Night sky maps are a picture of the night sky on a specific date. All one needs to know are the date and the place for which one would like to have the star map made. They can be customized in just about any way as desired. 

Star Map poster

If you are planning to have a collage made for a special occasion, such as a number of photographs from a number of birthdays, a personalized sky map is sure to fit in very nicely into the collage. Then, you may choose to have a thoughtful message printed below the star map. At Onlinestarmap, the company gives you a choice at having the location, date and a message printed right below the star map. There are a number of choices for the message that one may go for. Is it a classic quote that you would like to have printed right over there, along with the author’s name? You may go for the name of the individual whose birthday’s night sky the star map represents, followed by a thoughtful quote. Maybe something like the best mom in the world, or something that evokes pleasant memories.

The aesthetic value of the night sky custom star map is high. It is a gift your mom is sure to adore. It essentially comes across as a thoughtful gift. Onlinestarmap offers also sky map custom delivery as emails, so you can print it out by yourself. They also ship to all places in the world. Shipping is free.