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Personalized sky map for Father

Hunting for a gift for dad’s birthday or Father’s Day is always challenging. A few grooming accessories might work at times, if you figure out something that both, you like, and your dad will love as well. Another alternative that you may go for is a compilation of your dad’s favorite numbers. A cool baseball or rugby T-shirt might make it to the choices at your disposal.

Fathers day gift

Is it going for a night sky stars map for dad’s birthday? That is an option which has some essence into it. It’s a very memorable and commendable gift, one you must consider this time over. The night sky is a magical thing. It is a very celestial subject and withholds precious mysteries within it. 

So why not consider going for a personalized star map for your dad on his birthday, the kind that recreates some of the most refreshing memories you have with your dad. Sky map custom gives you many choices at the shade in which you would like to have the star map made for your dad. Navy blue is just about sure to strike the right chord. Black couldn’t possibly go wrong.

The gift is mainly of the kind that your dad is going to delight. You have a choice at customizing your selection for size, but the map would be the kind that fits nicely in the living room as a pleasing wall hanging.

The night sky

It would characteristically be night sky by date and location print, with your dad’s date and location of birth, his name below that, along with a heartfelt message that delights your dad each time over when he sees the night sky star map you gifted him on his birthday.

Map of the stars in the night sky has an element of mystery and magic associated with it. So you may even opt for signatures of some loved ones right below the map. The map can turn out to be exquisitely beautiful and may be customized in just about any way that you desire.

Personalized star map always lets a receiver know that there are people around who value him deeply as a person and that their world revolves around him. It is a gift like nothing else and has an Elysian essence associated with it.

One of the best spots for placing the map is right next to a balcony where one can lounge and look at the stars at home. One may also choose to have a map made as a reminder of a delightful camping holiday which you had with your parents and siblings. 

Sky Poster

Onlinestarmap emails and ships custom starmaps at all places in the world. It is an innovative and excellent alternative for gifting on occasions as special as birthdays.

You may even choose to have the gift framed in any way that you desire. The border may have a fine finish in solid earthy colors. A wooden finish is also going to mingle nicely with the décor scheme in the living area.