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One star in the night sky - A veteran’s day gift

Many people in the USA celebrate Veterans Day, and it is of great importance. It is on November 11 that Veteran’s day is observed in the United States. It is on this day that the people of America honour all surviving veterans. They include working mothers, who once used to be a part of military services.

On 11 of November, the Veteran’s Day is commemorated with speeches and parades throughout the country. 

Let us take a quick look at the history of Veteran’s Day.

The night sky

It was on 11th November 1919 that Armistice Day was designated and declared a holiday, to mark the anniversary of the end of the World War I. It was then in 1938, that it became a National Holiday. 

In the year 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a resolution to change the name of Armistice Day to Veterans’ Day. This was to honour the veterans of the American Wars.

The tradition prevails in other countries as well, including Britain, France, Australia and Canada. 

As the citizens reap benefits of sacrifices made by the brave soldiers of the country, it becomes their duty to honour the brave soldiers on Veteran’s Day. Here are some of the top ways to honour the brave soldiers on Veteran’s Day.

The best way to express gratitude is to say it in words. If you know a war veteran or someone who is in service, tell them, ‘thank you for your service’ whenever you come across them.

One may choose to volunteer and be a part of any welcome home ceremony that takes place. Nearly 140,000 volunteers work towards bringing such events alive, each year. They volunteer their talent and time, and express their compassion and caring towards the veterans. 

One may be a part of the gatherings held to honour the troops. Businesses, communities and cemeteries hold them, and honour troops who served the country at any time. 

Another responsibility one must meet up as an enlightened citizen is to know more about the Veteran’s Day and its history as well. You may create a simple quiz for your friends and share it. What one could do is invite a veteran to your school or college, and hear him speak, as you organise a program for veterans. You may even choose to visit a memorial or a cemetery and leave a fresh floral bouquet.

The night sky

One star in the sky has the power to delight a soul who is intrigued by mysteries and uncertainties. As a veteran’s day gift your uncle or aunt or a friend or a nephew or niece who has been an armed forces veteran, you may choose to go ahead with a personalized night sky poster. It may be one of the best night sky gift ideas. The veteran can look at pictures of stars and constellations and recall the positive aspects of his life. Night sky photography would delight the veteran’s heart and soul, and that of his family as well. Custom maps, designated over specific date and time may turn out to be a memorable gift for your friend who is an armed forces veteran, for someone who fought for what he believed is right.