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Custom star map makes a fine housewarming gift!

If your friends or loved ones are having a housewarming party, the gift that you should take with you should be the kind that expresses your affection for the family and commemorates the occasion nicely. The first thing that comes to one’s mind is potted plants that can be kept indoors. Showpieces, portraits or cushion covers are some other options at your disposal.

This is also an ideal time to gift a star map poster custom. This would be the image of stars over the location where the home is, on the day that the family moved into the new home. This is a memorable occasion, which is best commemorated by a custom star map. 

Housewarming gift

Star map gift is sure to infuse positive vibes within the premises, and also re-infuses the presence of the divine within the home. The family or the couple is sure to be delighted to receive the housewarming gift on your behalf. When framed, the night sky custom star map looks pretty as a picture and is the perfect choice for using as a wall hanging in the drawing-room. 

You may choose to decide any day you please for a picture of night sky on specific date. It may be the time when the couple’s first baby was born or the day they got married.

Whether it is your first home or your friends are finally moving in together, you can surprise them with this unique gift that will be an excellent addition for the interior. You may choose to keep the date based upon the event that meets the context in the best possible way. It could be a day they bought the house or the day they first met.

Moving into a new home is an essential event in a couple’s life. They would have several aspirations from their new home. They may be planning to raise their kids and build their lives around the place. A night sky poster is hence an assurance of effectively meeting up with these dreams and aspirations.

If the couple has a young baby, he is sure to be the happiest upon receiving the star map print as a gift. He might want to spend many waking hours pondering over the stars. The image is characteristically soothing to the mind. It lets one sleep and dream better. 

The Milky Way is shown as a hazy cloud over the stars. However, one has a choice at showing or not showing the Milky Way over the sky map. 

Housewarming gift

If the receiver is passionate about stargazing, he may figure out if there are any constellations that he sees in the image. This may come across as an occasional discussion point with friends and loved ones. 

Having a personal star map is a delightful feeling. It seems just like looking at the stars through a large telescope. The blue or black background is very similar to the shade of the night sky. Hence there are numerous ways in which the star map can be a lovely gift.

Below it, you can have a thoughtful message printed, such as a home is where the heart is, or for all new beginnings in our life, along with the name of your children, if you got the gift made for your family.