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Custom Star Map helps with stargazing

People all over the world enjoy their unique Star Map: seeing sky map star constellations on the wall will always remind you of a special occasion that you can never forget. However, you can also make an adventure out of this and take your personalized star map with you to find out the present positions of the starry sky on a particular date and the same place, finding out whether it has changed.

Among the stars and constellations that are most distinctive to identify is Polaris, which is the North Star, little dipper, and big dipper. Different stars are visible to one in the night sky, depending on one’s location and the time of year one stargazes. 

THe night sky

There are several resources online that help one identifies the position and shape of constellations. One of them is Google Sky, which lets one make the best of stargazing right from the comfort of one’s PC. It is a way to browse the universe, from indoors or outdoors and has similarities with Google Maps. By using the app outdoors, you can line up the night sky and then locate your favorite stars and planets. Another excellent place to start is AstroViewer. The Skymap is a service that is available as an iOS app. It turns your smartphone into a constellation.

The best way to get started is first to orient oneself after Polaris or the North Star. The North Star is aligned to the rotational axis of the earth. Its position in the sky is reasonably consistent. 

The North Star will give you a form reference point to start from. The navigation hence becomes easier. 

Most of the constellations are visible for 6 months in a year. Let us now take a look at some of the most distinguishable constellations in the night sky tonight from my location:

All through the Northern Hemisphere, the North Star, the Little Bear and Ursa Minor are best visible in June. One can locate them over either, his star sky map and the starry sky, depending on the location from which he got his custom star map made.

The little bear is a four-star box with a three-star tail. The tail has a gentle curvature, and the North Star is at its’ end. It is the Alpha of the constellation. Alpha refers to the most luminous star of the constellation.

Constellation star map

At the lowest corner of the constellation is the Beta Star, which is the second most luminous star of a constellation. It is also known as the Kochab. 

Similar to the mentioned constellation, the Ursa Major or the Big Bear is best seen in April while Aquarius, the Cupbearer is best viewed in October.

Star Map is excellent for both - adventurers and those who prefer chilling at home. You can either take your Star Custom Maps and hunt for those stars, or stay at home and enjoy the Star Map poster hanging over your head because it is accurate and never gonna let you forget that meaningful feeling.