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Capturing a moment forever with a personalized star map

Are planning to have a nice custom star map made in the near future? There are a number of moments for which you may have the star map made. One is required to disclose the location for which one would like to have the star map made, along with the date for which the star sky map is made. This is disclosed through an electronic form, at the time when one orders for the custom maps to be made.

When you use the personalized star map as a wall hanging, it infuses positive vibes within the living environment. The vibes are the same as they were on the date, for which the night sky map has been made.

Star map

So one must choose a moment that is of a great significance in his life, and have a sky map made for the same date. This is for any particular location. This may be one’s wedding day, day one’s parents got married or the day when one’s first child was born. It could be any moment that is of great importance in your life, such as the day you met your spouse, the day you moved in together, your first date or your first kiss. It may be your spouse’s birthday or any day that has a great romantic significance in your life.

If you are ordering the night sky tonight from my location for gifting purposes, you may choose to go ahead with an event that means a lot to the person to whom you are gifting the map. It may be the day they got married, had their first baby, set up a startup venture or moved into a new home.

Skymap star constellations are all about the special moment for which they are made. On the star map, one finds a colored circle over which the star map has been printed. Right below is the date and location for which the star map has been made. Below it, Online Sky Map prints a thoughtful message of your liking. It is also the message below your map that adds to its essence.

Star map

It is this message that withholds the potential to warm the heart of an onlooker. This is the avenue where one can creatively express his love and compassion for the receiver. You may quote about love, or mark an occasion that is of great importance in one’s life. You may write the couple’s name, followed by ‘Now and Forever’, if you are gifting the star map for a wedding.

If the receiver is set up a startup venture, you may write something like ‘To new beginnings’. If you went on a trip to the Taj Mahal with your spouse, you may choose to have a star map made for the day you saw the Taj Mahal or Chichen Itza in Mexico.

Literally, any moment can be captured in a Star Map and it will always look great because it has real emotions and meaning of your own attached to it.