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Bring Star Map into your home!

There are several ways that one can make the best of the personalized star map. They are available is variable custom sizes, and you may choose to go ahead with the selection that works the best based upon your unique preferences or the requirements of the décor scheme.

Star map

A4 size is smaller, and the most manageable will make a great addition to your work desk or a beautiful addition on your fancy fire-place ledge. You can also place it in a showcase, a standalone slab meant for a showpiece or at a coffee table.

A3, A2 will look great on the wall alone or with limited space as well. This can also adorn unique areas within a home, such as a place below the stairs, or a square section in a bookcase. You may alternately place it on top of a bookshelf.

As for A1, it is perfect if you want to take up most of the space on the wall. You can use it with some other images, such as your colleagues at your workplace or your entire extended family. You may even choose to make a collage of framed photographs in smaller sizes around the main image. Alternately, it makes an elegant centerpiece for unique décor items acquired from around the world. If you maintain a telescope at home, the star atlas may be suspended next to the window from which you stargaze, or the wall close to which a decorative telescope is placed.

The night sky poster

You may even choose to customize all the rooms at your home with sky map star constellations in different sizes and colors. You have twelve custom color options at your disposal, along with some additional options for customization as well. That way, the star sky map can correspond with different color schemes and décor schemes within each room. 

You may go for a pink star map for the nursery, a deep blue sky chart for your bedroom, a classic black print for the living room and a green print for the billiard room. A smaller star map print for your work desk at your workplace may be a feasible option as well. 

You can use more moments and all of the sizes, which can look very interesting. It would be great to combine all the dimensions. Imagine - every room personalized, every room has a unique vibe...

Star poster

You can also customize your office with a beautiful custom star map. You can place one in the lobby, some for work areas, and a few for cabins so on. There are four sizes that night sky tonight from my location is made available in, A1, A2, A3, and A4. The best part about A1 size is that it may also make an excellent addition to the décor arrangement in larger spaces, such as banquet halls. Custom map of stars can be used for themed restaurants, dressing rooms for sports teams, and so on. The magic of the night sky can be used in ways that capture onlooker’s imagination in the best possible ways.