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A single’s day gift for you!

Singles Day is a festival that is celebrated in China. It is the Chinese celebration of pride in being single and is celebrated on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. The date has four ones.

The singles day is a celebration for unmarried people. On this day, the unmarried people gift themselves presents. The singles day has correspondingly become one of the most significant online shopping days in the world.

The night skyThe singles day once used to be called the Bachelor’s day. Nanjing university students in 1993 started the celebrations. They took pride in being single.

It had so happened that four male students who lived in the dormitory came to realise that they had no girlfriends. The decision to celebrate to liven up their spirits, and chose to had November 11 as the day wherein they would celebrate being single.

The trend gathered momentum within the university. It then spread across other universities. The idea amused both men and women. Hence the festival changed its name from bachelor’s day to single’s day.

On the singles day, singles meet other singles. They have parties and go to social gatherings. Chinese media is full of topics related to love and relationships for the day.

Nowadays, the singles day is celebrated in other countries as well. It is a typical festival in Southeast Asia. Some of the European countries, including the UK, Belgium and Germany, celebrate the festival as well. Till date, the single’s day is not a recognised public holiday in China.

If you are not seeing someone, you should be celebrating the singles day. Star pictures are a great gift, to gift to oneself. A person can use their birthday or any other date that was meaningful and changed the course of their life. This may be the day you got hired, took up video gaming or snorkelling as a hobby or resolved to go jogging each morning. 

Singles day gift

Night sky reviews are favourable for the posters. People who have them made are delighted about it, having it or presenting it. Singles day gifts are the best when you gift them to yourself. If you gift a map of the night sky by date and location to yourself on single’s day, you are very likely to capture the pure emotion of the day. You being single is also a divine conspiracy, but the cupid is about to strike. Sky pictures is an affirmation that you’ll find someone soon, and you’re are enjoying being single. 

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