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A custom star map as wall art

Star map looks exquisite as wall art. These are incredibly beautiful pictures reminiscent of the night sky. One can use them at home, in the living room or the bedroom. If used in a bedroom, they soothe down the overall atmosphere of the place. In the living room, it may come across as an exciting alternative talking point with your friends. You can figure out some constellations that you see over the map and mention them, whenever someone says the map print. One can also discuss more what is it that makes the map more special for one, or who gifted the sky map to you. 

Star Map Wall art

A custom star map is all about personalisation. If the stars fascinated you and were involved with astronomy at any point of time in your life, sky map star constellations are sure to delight you. It makes an excellent corporate gift, as well. If placed within an organisation that makes telescopes or is associated with vision or lenses, star sky map is something that finds sync with their purpose. For tours and travel organisation that is associated with night sky gazing. Alternatively, organises trips to see the Northern lights, night sky map makes an elegant addition within the corporate space. 

This also makes an excellent addition to gaming areas where one plays sports like bowling, billiards or video games during the evening. This comes across as a unique gift for someone who once liked to read space travel novels, an astrophysicist.

Even while an enterprise is not associated with space, a personalized star map is something related to new beginnings. This makes it an exquisite corporate gift, especially for premium delegates or corporate partners. A few of the top industries within which custom maps of sky chart works very nicely is tooling, aeronautics, aviation, electronic accessories and products, music, radio stations and so on. Map of stars is going to look nice at such places. In today’s world, art intertwines with technologies, and it is good to keep up with all the tendencies.

Star Map wall art

Sky maps mingle in nicely with the décor scheme of a place. There are many possibilities for design so everyone can match their interior with sky maps. They will always be a great conversational piece.

There are several choices at your disposal when you choose to go for star maps. The sizes are A1, A2, A3 and A4 sized sheets, and the final product that you find is well fitted in frames, looks good. A digital version, on the contrary, may be created in any of the aforementioned standard sizes. 

At home, you can figure out unique positions to place the night sky tonight from my location, right below the stairs, next to the balcony, or towards a side at alleys. With 12 different colours to choose from, you may go ahead with regular or optional colours, a shade that matches or is in contrast with the carpet or the lighting scheme. There are essentially a number of ways that you can work a star map within a home’s décor scheme, such that it works nicely to accentuate the charm of the living environment.